Breast-feeding mothers It Can not Keep Her baby is due Mouth Bloody, Samburu County, Kenya A two-month old baby girl suffered a rare disease and require funding of 2 million shillings or equivalent to Rp 262 million for the care of his recovery.

Eunice Letuluai, the baby’s mother from a village in Samburu County, Kenya can not breastfeed her baby because the baby’s mouth was bleeding.

Darah merembes dari mulut bayi

The baby was diagnosed with hemangioma, write pages Tuko on Saturday (17/12/2016). Hemangioma is a rare condition that occurs in blood vessels to form lumps under the skin.

Eunice said, the disease appears as pimples that are red for two weeks after the baby is born. Then acne enlarged to fester and bleed.

“Acne bigger and spread over the face. If I breastfeed, then the blood will leak out of the baby’s mouth,” said Eunice.

Due to limited funds, infants who were treated at the Kenyatta National Referral Hospital in Samburu county is forced to take home. Eunice is in dire need of funds for the care of her baby.

“I call on anyone to come and help me. I can not imagine losing my first baby,” Eunice said sadly.

If not promptly treated, not only the mother can not breastfeed, hemangiomas can lead to heart failure that would threaten the lives of infants.

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