Checks Personality Female Favorite ‘ehem’ Position Based, New York- ‘ehem’ is the most intimate activity in human life , article, simple things like favorite ‘ehem’ positions can express the personality of a woman.

psychologist and relationship therapist also from the United States, revealing of favorite ‘ehem’ positions that can reflect the personality of a woman. So that couples can know the personality of a woman deeper than the favorite sexual positions.

What about your spouse, more like missionaries or spooning ? Here’s the explanation cites Women’s Health on Wednesday (12/21/2016).

– Missionary
Women are like missionaries that means’re looking for intimacy. “He wants to connect more deeply with a partner,” said Nikki.

– Woman on top
Women who love ‘ehem’ position is pleased to lead. This woman also pleased controls the position of ‘ehem’ as well as the depth of penetration. “He is also not afraid to ask for what you want,” he said.

– Spooning
‘ehem’ position that this one already indicates they are comfortable with each other. Women who like this happy position of closeness and intimacy.

“This position allows you to actually feel the pair with every movement made,” added Nikki.

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