Chills, Got It Casualty Life Again Of Death, Durban- A man aged 28 years, Msizi Mkhize, was hit by a car in the city of Durban, South Africa on Monday night. As informed in the Times of London citing Saturday (24/12/2016), Msizi pronounced dead at the scene and his body shortly thereafter moved to the morgue.

Like other bodies, Msizi put in the refrigerator so it does not rot. The next morning, the family Msizi went to the morgue are to identify his body.

“We came around 8am to identify the body of our son and fill the documents required by the authorities as part of their investigation,” said the father Msizi.

He continued, “But I suddenly got word around 12 noon that my son is still alive.”

the morgue confirmed the heartbeat on an accident victim who has been declared died the night before that.

Msizi was immediately rushed to the hospital and every effort has been made by the doctors to mepertahankan consciousness that comes miraculously it.

Unfortunately, the doctors failed to save him and Msizi only lasted for five hours after the discovery of the heartbeat while still in the morgue.

He is now officially gone. However, what has happened in previous Msizi is still a mystery not only for his family but also for those in the medical community.

“I do not know what to say, my son suddenly came to life and had lasted overnight in the refrigerator before he actually breathed his last the next afternoon, it does not make sense,” added the father.

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