Christina So Afraid to Eat After Weight Down 225 Kg, New York Successful weight loss by 225 kg, that does not mean a problem in life Christina Phillips finished. After the weight down so drastically, Christina even had an eating disorder. Now, she was so afraid to eat.

Women from Mississippi, United States, did not want to eat because of fear of back fat. Raises fears that his weight is now 83 kg might go up to 300 kg when he ate.

“After I weigh. I was scared and could stop eating for a few days,” said Christina in the TLC show titled My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? .

Christina desire to not want to eat because she still felt the weight of about 300 kg. “I know now is not 300 kg more. But I still feel like that. And I do not know how to change that feeling,” said Christina was quoted as saying on the website People, on Tuesday (20/12/2016).

He still felt people looked at her as if still fat. So he was reluctant to leave the house to socialize.

Christina was directed immediately see a therapist to overcome eating disorders. He also wants to get back to normal looking at his body. So that it can raise the weight so it is not too low.

“I know we have to pass it hard to achieve something. Last time when I weighed 300 kg, I felt nothing. Then go down, I’m afraid to eat. But I had to face terror when they want to continue living,” he said again still on display TLC it.

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