Christmas Gift Can Trigger Damage Relationships Asmara, England In your imagination, Christmas brings togetherness. You have the right devoted affection to your partner in the form of gifts. However, a study found that one in five couples are not able to maintain a relationship. This is because the cost of buying a Christmas present considered to be too fancy.

This study was conducted by the online site Ziffit which reported a quarter of British people concerned with the use of money to buy gifts for Christmas 2016. If you want to keep buying Christmas gifts while keeping disharmony.

you could consider the following, as quoted from AOL Money UK Friday (12/23/2016).

Think before buying gifts

Some people might think money gives joy and a symbol of higher degrees. They seemed to spend freely.

Before giving a gift to your partner, you must first understand their own attitudes, whether good buy gifts to please your partner.

You also have to consider, whether buying gifts was a good idea. When your partner does not agree or object when you buy a gift, you have to respect his opinion.

Ask not want gifts or

Another way is to ask whether the gifts He wants to or not. It aims your efforts are not in vain do. You could ask what the other desires that coveted pair. For example, going out together and have dinner together.

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