Circulation of Alcohol Beverage Sachet ‘Che Guavara’ reaping criticism Alcoholic beverages are said to have circulated in packaging sachet in a number of countries in the West African region. Sachets are called ‘Che Guavara’ and its price per sachet US $ 15 cents, or equal to Rp 2ribu.

Reportedly, each sachet contains about 43 percent alcohol and if a person eating two sachet at the same time, the same as eating 16 ounces of beer.

Governments in the countries of West Africa, particularly Ivory Coast already had banned the sale of alcoholic beverages sachet is due to have a series of adverse effects in particular are very harmful for health.

These efforts unfortunately can not be fully effective when it was launched because of the manufacture or production is done in a closed or without the authority and not oriented marketing regulations as it has been implemented by the government of that country.

sachet containing alcoholic drinks called ‘Che Guavara’ is considered particularly dangerous because it contains toxic chemicals methanol levels are likely to reach 50 percent.

Not only governments in a number of West African countries are less approving and seeks to criticize the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in packaging of this.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also participated criticize it on the grounds, the price is cheap and also very little plastic packaging that can be hidden by children under age who secretly want to start taking them.

This information is published pages CTV News on Wednesday (14/12/2016).

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