Come on, Prevent Prostate Cancer Since Still Young! In the male reproductive system, there a small gland located in the pelvis below the bladder and bowel are connected to the anus. If this gland mutate and grow uncontrollably, then that potential prostate cancer will arise!
this troubled prostate cells could have spread to other parts of the body such as bone. At that time there will be great pain, difficulty urinating, erectile dysfunction, and several other symptoms.

WHO noted that prostate cancer as the most common type of cancer is number two in the world. There are about 1.1 million men from around the world are diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. Of these, more than 300 ribunya died. In Indonesia, the number is quite mengkahwatirkan: 13,600 cases with 9,191 numbers died.

Although many cases of prostate cancer occur in men aged frail, it’s good we are young start thinking in order to prevent the possibility of the worst though Unlike most other cancers, prostate cancer also can only really be ascertained when it actually strikes.

faster realized, the better because we can still do a prostate removal surgery and radiotherapy. There are several ways you can do as a natural preventive measures, namely:

– drink water as much as 8-12 glasses per day
– maintaining a healthy diet and the consumption of protective foods Prostate
– increasing the intake zinc and multivitamins and the like.

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gwisamunsok Equipped with a high-tech air-infrared and magnetic systems technology, Zeddo Underware helps increase the activity of blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the golden triangle area of ​​men. The effect is very healthy prostate, also improves the vitality, quality and quantity of sperm, and many other good benefits.
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