Consumption of Red Meat Really Dangerous For Your Health? During this time many are calling adverse health effects because -gara red meat such as beef. Starting from causing cancer to high blood pressure. But apparently the study from Purdue University, USA, found the fact that contrary to what has been believed in the community.

According to this study, red meat exceeding 70 grams do not have short-term impact on health such as blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood.

“Studies over the past 20 years, it is recommended to eat meat. But the results of our study says red meat consumption could be included in a healthy diet everyday,” said professor of nutritional sciences, Wayne Campbell like to quote Daily Mail on Wednesday (12/21/2016).

Campbell said that red meat is a nutrient-rich foods such as protein and iron.

To emphasize the results of this study, Campbell collaboration with doctoral students and postdoctoral researcher Lauren O’Connor Jung Eun Kim to analyze clinical trials in previous research. Hundreds of research on the content of red meat and cardiovascular disease research.

“As a result, total consumption of about 80 grams of red meat per serving about three times a week, do not make bad blood pressure and total blood cholesterol,” says O’Connor.

Researchers of this study also revealed the importance of health risk factors. Such as the effects of red meat consumption to inflammation and blood glucose control.

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