Depression, the Second Most Deadly Enemies For Women Athletes Generally, most people think that being an athlete it means the person is spared from experiencing potential problems related to mental and more likely to face the challenges that attack his physical condition.

This is not entirely correct. Results of research conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 2013 and found that 21 percent of male athletes and 27 female athletes proven experience of mental distress, which gradually became depressed.

Those involved or participating in the study admitted that they often experience tremendous anxiety scale and the article becomes very depressed until the trouble to act according to their expectations.

Examples athlete swimmer, Allison Schmitt. There was no denying that she looked happy because already won five medals, including three gold medals in three Olympics. But 26-year-old woman finally admitted through an official statement that he was battling depression.

“Depression is actually I already did four years ago,” he told Palm Beach Post citing Saturday (24/22/2016).

Allison says that it is not the result of disappointment will be a defeat or expectations that are not fulfilled yet continue to exist over time.

“there were moments where I was not comfortable with myself, so I thought why other people want to be around me? “

Like most athletes who are depressed, Allison initially decided to keep quiet and still provide a smile to others in its path so that no one would suspect.

Finally, Allison became proficient hide his condition: “Anyone can put on a smile for three seconds. I know what I need to do to make it look like I was fine for the outside world. “

Previous Allison was interviewed by ESPN and he admitted was minded to commit suicide as he had performed by basketball athletes Locian April.

Although suicide is not the main reason of death of women in general, but in the world of sports, especially female athletes, the reason became the second most powerful.

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