Do not underestimate Activities Walking to Lose Weight, New York- Never underestimate the power of walking in lose weight.

“Walking is a simple, easy to do to help you lose weight, terumata if your lifestyle is too old to work behind the counter and the car,” said Davis.

Physical activity moves like this helps to burn body fat. Plus, walking is able to cut stress. “The mind is not easily stressed, it is easy to lose weight,” said Davis was quoted as saying on the website Women’s Health on Wednesday (12/14/2016).

Interested lose weight by walking? If so, do the following to burn more calories in order to realize the weight you want to achieve.

1. 15,000 steps per day

Perbanyaklah footsteps every day. Davids suggest about 15,000 steps per day for seven days to lose weight.

“Unlike other sports, increase footfall per day will not give the body stress or making the body vulnerable to injury,” said Davis again.

2. 3×30-minute walk per day

In at least one day of walking three times with a duration of 30 minutes each to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

3. Walk to the hill

Not only walk in a flat, but also uphill. Such as hills or stairs. “Walking in the hills or stairs helps build muscle which also increases the body’s metabolism.” said Davis.

Davis advised to walk in the hills or stairs three times a week.

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