During Cigarette smoking Sale, Smoking Behavior Increasing

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Trends in smoking behavior continues to increase. This was stated by Chairman of the Tobacco Control Initiative Bali, Made Kerta Duana when presenting the annual reflection in Denpasar, Friday (23/12/2016).

At the event, with the theme “Dangers of Smoking Control Programme on Health in the province of Bali” Duana explained, in 1995, the smoking behavior of the people reached 27.0 percent. However, the behavior of smoke reached 36.3 percent in 2013.

He continued, this time, a total of smokers in Indonesia reached 40 percent of the total population. Of that number, 68 percent are adult men. The rest is the range of ages as young and productive age.

“smoke now increasingly young age. It used to be the age range of 15 was about 20 percent. Currently the productive age stands at 27 percent. Already many children little smoke. They are now addicted to cigarettes, “said Duana.

Duana not dismiss if the cigarette is a legal product. However, smoking is known as normal because the product does not contain toxins in them.

“We membahasakannya poison being sold. The difference between cigarettes and alcohol, particularly in control, controls and policies. Yet he is equally the product is not normal. Smoking is not regulated strictly about control and control,” said Duana added

Meanwhile, there are many factors that influence a person chooses to smoke. Among these is an easy access to get cigarettes, cigarette prices are cheap, the encouragement of friends.

“If overseas, take the example of Singapore, not all could stall selling cigarettes. The cigarettes sell ya just in tobacco shop alone. In Indonesia all stalls can sell, retailed anyway,” he said.

The efforts that have been made so far of which increases in tax, health warnings shaped images on cigarette packs, the implementation of No Smoking (KTR), as well as restrictions on the advertising and sponsorship thoroughly.

He said, almost in all districts / municipalities in Bali smoking control also showed improvement. In fact, he said, there are four districts / municipalities in Bali which have banned smoking in outdoor advertising such as Denpasar, Gianyar, Klungkung and Bangli.

While other districts have also been initiated regulations relating to the control of smoking. Duana KTR assess compliance with local regulations in each district / city have shown an increase in smoking behavior, although not yet reached the target of 80 percent.

(Goddess Divianta)

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