Easy Ways To Suppress Anger Not Like Dora Natalia

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Video Dora Natalia Singarimbun raging goes viral and a warm conversation in the community. If a similar incident also happened to you, what can be done to defuse mounting anger that you did not become a “Dora” who’s next?

“The most simple is set to cool down your breathing. So when emotions rise, some people diajarin to pull a deep breath, “says clinical psychologist adult, Veronica Adesla, when contacted by Health-Liputan6.com Wednesday (14/12 /2016).

While doing this, according to Veronica, you try to inhale deeply, exhale air from the mouth slowly, and inhale through the nose back. Typically, this technique is performed three times until you feel more calm and think clearly. But if the decision is still sorely lacking breath, then repeat three times.

Breathing exercises are important, because when a person is angry, then his heart will beat faster. “Heart rate is also influenced by how we breathe, so we calm it with breathing exercises. If we do these exercises correctly and regularly, automatic heart rate will also slow, more orderly, and quieter. And this will affect our feelings and thoughts, “he said.

However, in addition to defuse anger, breathing exercises proved by Veronica also can be used when we are afraid.

“So, to be managed anger or fear so that we can berpkir clearly, and if said ordinary people, be able to think with a cool head,” concludes Veronica.

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