Facing the Future Fatal Consequences If More Love Alone

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Nowadays more and more people are fond of isolating himself from society. There are a number of reasons behind someone’s decision to distance himself from the people around and also the community.

Among them, a personality that is closed or introverted, loss of loved ones, drug use excessive confidence minimal and many more.
Alone or isolate themselves from social life chapters bring adverse effects on the physical, mental and emotional person.

A series of studies have been conducted to investigate further isolate the impact of the community on mental health and physical condition of the person.

As quoted from New York Times Monday (26/12 / 2016), the consequences included, drastic changes in sleep patterns, a decline in the immune system, infections toed high tendency inflammation, as well as the possibility of stress beyond the normal limits.

Moreover, recent studies indicate the risk for those individuals who prefer solitude of heart problems by 29 percent, while for stroke 32 percent.

Then, mentally and emotionally, those who prefer to be alone and shy away from the public will ultimately tribulation love or be loved by others because it is too extreme in shutting himself.

They will find it hard to trust others and always thought of others enemies or no interest, so it can never be considered genuine when a friendship is established.

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