Fairytale Kids Help Heal Trauma Earthquake Victims in Aceh

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com do not know how many received aid earthquake victims in Aceh. However, psychological help restore Aceh earthquake refugees, especially the children, it is quite often forgotten.

Wings, the company producing the product in whom treatment clothes, food, and beverages, who understands the conditions that come with people who are able to heal the psychic child victims of the earthquake in Aceh through a fairy tale.

Joanna Elizabeth Samuel, Product Manager Soklin Detergent say, storytelling activities undertaken Ariyo Zidni, Founder Community Ayo Indonesia Fables, dedicated to entertaining and reduce the trauma of children after the earthquake seized them Aceh.

According to Joanna, in a situation like this, the psychological state of children definitely disturbed. Due to the earthquake that hit the districts of Pidie Jaya, Aceh makes children can not learn and can not play as usual. Their house was destroyed. Not a few of the children to be separated from their parents due to death.

“Therefore, we try to help restore their mental. We try to entertain and bring them cheerful. Ariyo try to reduce the trauma experienced by child victims of the earthquake in Aceh,” said Joanna quoted from a press statement received Health Liputan6.com on Thursday (12/22/2016)

Fables of choice, said Joanna, because telling a story can educate and easily accepted by the victims. At the same time can be entertaining as well as play equipment that is able to build the dreams of children victims of the earthquake in Aceh.

Joanna said, cheerfulness and imagination that comes from the fairy tale promising new spirit to jointly build the character of young people who love peace and non-violence.

“In fairy tales, children can be invited to visit the past, beyond the future, and reflect into the present and the future,” said Joanna.

Inilah Kegiatan yang Dapat Dilakukan Warga Setempat yang Menjadi Korban Gempa Aceh untuk Mencuci Pakaiannya

In addition, it’s been ten today, it provides a number of posts to help with food and clothing Aceh earthquake refugees are scattered in three points, namely in Meunasa Jureong, Meuraxa West, and Canned Belek Meureudu.

Other assistance given is a special car for washing clothes Aceh earthquake refugees. The refugees simply bring their laundry and let the team of Soklin who washes clothes Aceh earthquake victims to dry clothes, fragrant, and free of germs.

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