Football Make Men Buy ‘ehem’ Toys Rajin You know, there was a strong correlation between the season championship football and other sports (world cup, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, Wimbledon, etc.), with crafts men buy ‘ehem’ toys aka ‘ehem’ toys.

A company ‘ehem’ toys Lelo, find this relationship. Discovered, he bought four of every five ‘ehem’ toys sold in the weeks ahead of the summer sporting events.

In addition, the men are also responsible for 72 percent of sales ‘ehem’ toys around the world, and 74 percent of sales of ‘ehem’ toys in the US – during the weeks that major sporting events, Whereas in a typical day, there is a division average (50-50) between men and women in the purchase of ‘ehem’ toys.

The strange phenomenon is not only happening in the US, but also Britain, Spain Japan, and Australia. And it always turns out ahead of the summer sporting events. ‘ehem’ toys exactly what they buy?

Lelo report, though it is usually the man buy a product that can be used solo, when the season ahead, they instead buy ‘ehem’ toys that are specific to women.

According to data from Lelo, quoted from Women’s Health Thursday (12/22/2016), the amount of their sales will increase, because he wants to get “bonus points.” That is, the men were going to buy a ‘ehem’ toy for their partner to “bribe” the women.

This is because when the sports season begins, the men were going to spend more time in front of the TV – or watching immediately – rather than the time they spend as a couple in bed.

Of course, that explanation can not cover everything, because now there are many women who like to participate in various sporting events. It could be that men are inspired to buy ‘ehem’ toys to pour passion and frustration in a unique way, when the spirit and the pleasure they watch a sports game is high-high.

This trend continues every sports season arrives. When the Brazilian World Cup underway, buyers men have managed to reach 80 percent of all sales ‘ehem’ toys . At least the women know, despite being busy with their hobbies, the men did not forget to always ensure the wives remained unfulfilled.

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