For Breast Cancer Deaths Still Happening Breast cancer is still the number one cancer that afflicts many women. Also the number one killer in women is associated with cancer. 22 percent of new cancer cases in Indonesia is breast cancer.

Specialist Surgical Oncology from Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta, Dr. Yadi Permana said, deaths from breast cancer could occur due to delays in treatment. In addition to a number of oncology surgeon who only 153 and not all hospitals have sara diagnostic for breast cancer, the condition is getting worse because the patient is first treated to an alternate before seeing a doctor.

According to Yadi, to prevent delays, must be straightened out a positive perception that breast cancer is not a death sentence. In stage one, the chance to survive the five-year period can be up to 90 percent. Stage three fell to 60 percent, depending on the type of breast cancer itself. And stage four is only 10 to 15 percent for the five-year survival.

“Second, find the right information about breast cancer. Third, recognize that it is not always self breast cancer,” he said in the huddle Brassiere Breast Cancer Early Detection Campaign was written on Friday (23/12/2016)

Therefore, please make early detection of breast cancer, because when it was discovered in stage three, the chances of recovery are getting smaller and the cost of treatment is very high.

In addition, women also have to recognize the risk factors for breast cancer such as age, hormonal factors (when to begin the first menstruation and menopause age), never married, gave birth to the first at the age of less than 35 years, history of hormonal contraceptives, foods high in fat, and genetic factors or a family history of breast cancer.

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