From Chat Coffee Shops, Yani Invite Citizens Clean and Healthy Living Not intentionally Ahmad Yani viewed approximately 10 men chatting in a coffee shop. Yani went in, took a coffee at the shop. At first he was silent, but after a long time community health workers in health centers Loa Duri, Kutai, East Kalimantan is also joined in the conversation between Adam so.

Another time, in the same coffee shop, Yani came back. The man who had met at the first meeting is also no more. Casual chat back flow between them. At different times, the man was born October 21, 1979 have come again to the same coffee shop. Some fathers are equally present. If it is felt the time was right, Yani began to include health messages.

“We already know, already close, relax ngobrolnya. Start I enter messages about the importance of environmental hygiene care, including information about the disposal of waste properly,” said Yani when contacted written on Friday (09/12/2016).

According to Basuki, the habit of littering is still a problem in villages that are in the works. Moreover, the three villages in the region of its work Loa Duri Ilir, Ulu Loa Duri, Bakungan, traversed the Mahakam River. Therefore, no wonder the first community to have a habit of throwing garbage in the river. This habit of course pollute the environment and result in health problems.

Not only that, littering habits also lead to other problems. Former garbage wrap that holds water can be a place for mosquito larva Aedes aegypti .

Seeing this, Yani trying to educate clean and healthy life by approaching the community. One of them through a chat in a coffee shop.

Sipping coffee, he began to enter into the conversation about who is now the rainy season. She paste the message that these conditions are prone to make a lot of mosquitoes Aedes aegypty si spreader dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) breed.

“I said, now the rainy season there are a lot of mosquitoes white spots and white. Then they ask, ‘What’s that?’. I told them, that,` I’m sorry ya yes, mosquitoes that like a woman , love bite ‘. When I say that, their laughter broke out, “Yani example.

Chat Yani has not ended. He again expressed his white mottled mosquitoes have liked to live in the water were not affected by land to lay eggs. Mosquito larva appeared there were long into mosquitoes that potentially mediates dengue fever. Therefore, do not dispose of garbage at will.

Chat relax in a coffee shop as above often do health workers since 2012. It is one way to promote health. According to him, informal counseling also be a powerful way to introduce clean and healthy behavior in the community.

“In order to enter the promotion of health in the coffee shop was not always straightforward. It depends, can be three times the first-lah, about it,” said Yani.

Not surprisingly, he graduated from the Faculty of Public Health, University Mulawarman spirit to join with community organizations. Start of association of firefighters to join a social event like yasinan.

“Then plunge into the community – and had no emotional connection – it is easier for us to go in and approach them,” he said.

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