Grate, 152 Cm Ribbon Worm Removed from Man’s Nose

Raw meat contaminated

tapeworm ( taenia saginata ) more thrive on raw beef. Tapeworm eggs that hatch in the intestines of cattle will spread to the entire body of the cow.

tapeworm eggs contained in raw beef that is consumed by humans after three months to hatch.

then develop into adult tapeworms in the intestines. According to medical scientists, tapeworms can survive in the human body for up to 60 years.

Doctors suggest, for fans of raw meat and fish should be vigilant when taking both these foods. If not cooked, tapeworm eggs will enter the body.

If you still want to eat raw meat, meat temperature should not be in hot conditions, better medical dingin.Pengobatan while meat consumption to eradicate tapeworms is the best way.

But if you let tapeworms are longer in the body, it is endangering the safety of lives.

Here’s the video tapeworm pulled out of the patient’s nose.

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