Herbs Can Be Drug Raw Material Solutions

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com The raw materials of drugs are handled national pharmaceutical industry, one of them for generic drugs, is still largely derived from imports. Domestic demand for raw materials to produce the drug itself is not enough because they consider the factor of the pharmaceutical industry of other countries, such as China.

“For the needs of its own raw material production, Indonesia could only 0.3 percent. The percentage is very small. We’ll be crushed by China, which is aggressively investing and exporting raw materials for drugs to other countries in the world,” explained Chairman Pharma Materials Management Club (PMCC) Kendrariadi Suhanda in a conversation session with the media at The Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/14/2016).

According Kendrariadi, the pharmaceutical industry will not benefit if drug raw materials domestic production meets only JKN only. That means only focused pharmaceutical production to meet the needs in the country only.

Use herbs

To get around dependency products imported raw materials, pharmaceutical industry glanced domestic production in the form of herbal plants. Strength Indonesia on herbal remedies can be used as raw material for medicinal products in the future.

PMCC Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Research and Development of Trade and Industry GP Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Indonesia Vincent Harijanto said, in terms of raw material medicines, Indonesia is rich in herbal medicinal plants.

“flashed the question, herbal remedies can not hell created so the raw material of medical drugs? We first look, there are about 30 thousand of herbal plants. Of the 30 thousand are 9 thousand to 10 thousand, which would make drug ingredients . But that has done research and new properties about 100 to 200 herbs, “said Vincent.

Herbs are still considered as the best solution so that Indonesia does not depend on imported raw materials.

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