High Heels Causes Injuries Pinched Nerves Walking and

One thing to note for women who wear high heels are the ideal posture, meaning that the height and weight must be balanced.

“If women are too fat would jeopardize the foot because of the load to the leg more weight. In contrast, if the leg muscles are already prepared and trained through gymnastics. It’s not a problem. However, the problem was that women rarely have wakut sports and gymnastics, “said Lawrence.

Ahli Totok Syaraf R Hendrawan (Foto: Liputan6.com/Fitri Haryanti Harsono)

In response to the high-heeled shoes should not be worn too long, Lawrence thinks it depends on how the women who wear high heels.

“It depends on the woman, back again to the question of whether the posture he is ideal or not. If the posture is not ideal, too fat or too thin to be at risk of foot injuries and contact with pinched nerve. Moreover, he did a spontaneous movement, like like running, “he said.

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