How Facing Low Libido pair Remember if your ‘ehem’ drive or libido is like appetite. There were ups and downs. There are no rules or if one should have the same appetite, as well as passion. So what if the spouse low libido?

The level of sexual desire every person is different. When you find a couple of low libido do not be surprised or angry. This is normal and common. Do not let these problems lead to a new conflict in the relationship. Stay focused on the goal of your relationship, do not worry about low libido partner.

Launch page Boldsky Thursday (12/15/2016) avoid the ire of low libido partner, do the important things below so that relationship is maintained.

1. When the couple had a low libido do not make this as a problem. The more you push ‘ehem’ drive will make it difficult partner confidence in matters of ‘ehem’. Make sure you maintain physical intimacy is more than usual.

2. During the early stages, it is very natural that every pair have a strong passion for ‘ehem’. However there are times where the couple has a passion that are falling. When you have a sense of want to fuck should communicate and find a middle ground. Not blame couples because it did not want to make love.

3. Learn to tolerate libido partner. Age old marriage that would make ‘ehem’ saturate. Give space and time on the couple.

4. Many relationship experts advise to seek pleasure in masturbation and not disturb the couple or insulted when a low libido.

5. Find a way to stimulate the couple so he is excited.

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