How Often Women Thinking ‘ehem’ In A Day? In terms of ‘ehem’, common pastures considered him more often think about ‘ehem’ than women. It is said that men think about ‘ehem’ every seven seconds.

In a recent study, researchers conducted a survey of 283 US students ages 18 to 25 years to find out how often they think about the important things in life such as food, sleep, and ‘ehem’. The survey was conducted during the week.

Launch page dailystar on Wednesday (21/12/2016), the respondents were asked to write down every time “dirty mind” flashed in my head. The results showed that men are more often thought to be having ‘ehem’ more than women.

That mind approached the men at least an average of 34 times a day. While women think about ‘ehem’ about 18 times a day, half of the men. It also proves that men do not really think about ‘ehem’ every seven seconds once, but only two times in one hour. And women think about ‘ehem’ every hour.

In addition, other things also interesting is that this study suggests that men also think about other needs such as eating and sleeping more often than women. Within 24 hours, he could think of food in 25 different occasions and think of sleep as many as 29 times.

The image of mencemil over to her 15 times a day. While the thought of sleeping only 13 times a day.

Another study also proves that women think about ‘ehem’ quite often carried out by application Kindara fertility. The survey involved 500 women and showed more than half of these women do not have ‘ehem’ as much as they want.

Approximately 75 percent of women wish to have ‘ehem’ at least three times a week. Most other states are not satisfied with the frequency of their sexual relations. And 13 percent admitted to wanting to have ‘ehem’ more than six times a week.

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