How to Erase Bad Memory Already Found you ever watched a movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet? The movie tells the story of two lovers who are trying to erase their memories of each other.

What happens in the film might make some people jealous. Because, not a few people who sincerely hoping to erase bad memories that stick in their memory.

Having a bad memory can have an effect that is not less bad. Not surprisingly, then scientists are trying to find a way so that people can now get rid of the memories were not good. The plan, they will do this by manipulating the memory.

Launch D’marge Sunday (12/18/2016), whenever humans recall a specific memory, that memory will be little changed. The basis of memory itself will remain the same, but other details can be alternated. For example, how is the weather that day, what the color of your shirt, and other details may be a little fuzzy.

You can also increasingly been confused when there are other people who are trying to provide details that are different from what you experienced at that time.

According to the scientists, changes in the specific memory was not a bad thing. They believe there are advantages to be gained from it, by neutralizing the feelings of sadness, fear or shame, by blocking norepinapherine – a chemical associated with the response to escape or fight back and trigger a memory.

By blocking the chemical was basically going to change how a memory is returned to its place after in mind – a process called “reconsolidation.”

Another method that is currently being tested are: by inhaling xenon gas, a chemical that is often used for anesthesia in Europe. Stored in inhaler asthma, the gas is inhaled, recalling a bad memory. This gas would then target receptors in the brain, which is associated with learning and memory. The process will eliminate the negative connotation had a bad memory.

Unfortunately, the processes above should be a long way before it can be applied in humans, especially from a moral perspective. Given sufficient embedded memory in the brain, a slight error could affect the whole of one’s mind.

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