Hugs meaning that Received Ahok of the brother Lift berhijab Clinical Hypnotherapist, Widya Saraswati, explains the hug received from his brother Ahok lift hijab, Nana Riwayatie.

Many social media users who assess any actions taken Nana. Less deserve a veiled woman giving a hug to a man kayak Ahok not his brother.

Based on the many studies that have him read, Widya said, a touch in the form of a hug is a “drug” that can cure a person of various diseases. Whether it’s physical pain or pain due to emotion.

“Not just one person doing such research. In fact, the book of the writing, that touching is healing. Touch it heals. In western countries like Europe, has many uses such a method,” said Widya when contacted Health on Wednesday (14/12/2016)

Widya far, hospitals in Europe have nothing to prove that the right touch can actually heal. However, that is embraced by a patient is not human, but a well-trained dog.

“Those who embraced the dog then kissed her recover faster than those who do not do that. Just as we talk about prayer therapy, patients get a lot of prayer heal faster than those who receive little prayer,” said Widya added.

On the other hand, there is another theory that talks about love language and the language of love that kind vary. No form of services, providing quality time, praise, give or receive gifts, then there is a touch in the form of a hug.

“Perhaps, acts sister lift hugged Ahok is the language of love which he expressed by embracing. Perhaps his brother know well Ahok like, so not only give praise, but also with a touch,” said Widya stressed.

According to Widya, each individual has different tendencies. There are people who love to be praised, accompanied extent where he’s going, airport, and there are people who do not need all of it but that he needed was a hug.

“Thus, it is the husband who is already excited about when the wife ambilin shoes or setting up his overalls. He did not even care, cooking wife is good or not, because it’s not important. Everyone should know the language of love for each , “said Widya.

And one must also figure out the intent and purpose of lifting hijab hugging his brother Ahok dirudung sad.

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