Ideals Beautiful Doctor Nadia, Got RS for People Not Able

In the first year undergo a medical school, Nadia increasingly feel mature for his choice to become a doctor.

“From the beginning I weve pingin have ideals, maybe later if parents already want to retire early so doctors continue kayaking for social activities so,” he said.

Since college Nadia is already often in social activities such as social services (social service) together with colleagues on campus. Unfortunately there are obstacles every run baksos.

“So I tuh three friends deket of the profession and of the college like social service, keep the akdang if baksos we like difficulty find the funds, continue if we’ve got the foundation right more easily nyari funds. Yaudah finally we created Hope for All Indonesia is, “said the beautiful doctor was still single.

Foundation of Hope for All Indonesia is being established since 2014 ago. Nadia and colleagues always hold baksos include free health checks, health education, and socialization in the realm of health and education.

Although the areas covered are still around Jabodetabek, but at least once a month for two or Nadia seek residential area remained neglected by the government. Ironically, there was a little area on the outskirts of the capital city is still lagging behind both in terms of primary needs, infrastructure, education, including health.

“At the most it to Karawang yes, because we have not been able to regions far as ya funding problems yes even though many donors, but it if for the treatment wrote it could be 300 to 500 people and that the funds not a little. Kayak Openwork our last aja tuh there were 500 patients, whereas we nyebarin coupons only 250, “he said.

A few months ago, Nadia and Hope for All Indonesian team was held baksos in Karawang. He chose the area for the information provided by the mother Nadia, who happened to work in the surrounding area.

Nadia tells how miserable the residents, he visited it. The terrain is quite poor and there are no health facilities at all, continued Nadia, a lot of people around who are willing to walk a long way to join them for free health check.

“Luckily, the medicine is ready if not already too sad too far,” he said.

Women who aspire to build a special hospital for the poor is to be surprised to see the condition of the village in Karachi he visited still lack clean water, sanitation, and health and education facilities. Though packed Karawang factories renowned companies in the world, but its local residents living with the condition that is far from sufficient.

residents there, said Nadia, the majority of his livelihood by farming. Most likely they are not able to work in factories around the residence status because education does not meet the criteria.

“Never want to work in a factory, there’s only elementary school course and the room just two,” he said.

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