In addition to Burn Calories, Ada 7 Other Benefits Kiss Kiss is one of the best ways to prove how you love your spouse. Benefits kiss was not just being able to burn calories and reduce stress, There are other benefits that pent-up.

You may not believe it, a kiss can affect the health of the body and your relationship with your partner. Launch page India Thursday (12/22/2016), here are other benefits of a kiss:

1. The deciding factor relationship

Kiss indicative of the relationship with the partner. If you and your partner share chemistry good and healthy through kissing, the relationship tends to last longer.

2. Create positive thoughts

Kissing releases endorphins and oxytocin that will make you happy and positive thinking. The mood will return either when you often kiss with a partner.

3. Increase in life expectancy

Several studies show that a kiss can increase life expectancy, especially for men.

The man who kissed his wife almost every day, a chance to live longer than men who do not or rarely kiss her partner.

4. Preventing tooth decay

When kissing, saliva coming out can prevent tooth decay. Kiss help your teeth stay healthy and do not decay.

5. Lips become more sensitive

Kissing can make the lips more sensitive than your other sensitive organs. There are 10 thousand nerve endings in the lips, while the clitoris which includes sensitive areas only had eight thousand nerve.

6. Mouth sexier and healthier

When kissing, men will transfer the hormone testosterone, which helps boost your libido. This happens when you and your partner with an open mouth kissing.

7. Wake up the immune system

Kissing also help boost the immune system. You will be more easily protected from any kind of disease if you frequently kissing.

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