It Causes Wrinkles Men Not As Fast Women Have you noticed that increasing age, wrinkles face increasingly obvious? However, unwittingly wrinkles in men and women have significant differences.

When considered most men only have wrinkles around the forehead and wrinkles are rarely found in the area of ​​the lips or under their eyes. While wrinkles in women virtually present in all parts of the face.

“Gender plays a big role on wrinkles due to the skull around the eyes also bone structure of men and women have differences that aging characteristics are also different,” said Terrence Keaney, dermatologist, hair, and laser surgery for men in Washington, DC

According to Keaney, the development of wrinkles factor differences in men and women is also derived from the growth of beard around his mouth and chin man who cover it.

2009 study also showed that men have sebaceous glands around the mouth area which makes the skin thicker and more durable against the changes. Plus he does not use more makeup tools such as pregnant women causing substances aging or wrinkles quoted Allure, Tuesday (13/12/2016).

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