Kate Middleton Give Outstanding Christmas Gifts for Her children

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Prince George and Princess Charlotte seemed to be happy moment opened my eyes this morning. His parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton have prepared a special gift this Christmas in the form of a bag Santa Claus for her baby’s.

As reported by People Sunday (25/12/2016), she has long wanted a bag Harrow & Green, made by Philip and Tanya Taylor. But the bags they make are often sold out.

According to Kate, bag this Christmas so special because it is made from a burlap sack that can be decorated with pictures of their on-demand book. Not a few parents who prints the names of their children in this cute bag. This is also done Kate, he finally ordered a bag Santa with his children’s names.

“George impatiently rip off the prize,” said William. George as already know what gift he would receive.

Kate added, in addition to santa bag, he also put two cute teddy bears for Christmas gifts for her two children were.

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