Kitchen, place Supermodel Gigi Hadid ‘Sculpture’ butt section, New York- Many people choose a fitness center (gym ) as a place to exercise to ‘sculpt’ sexy butt. But not with a supermodel, Gigi Hadid.

Women 21 years, said the kitchen was a favorite form a sexy butt. Moreover he must have a toned body during performances underwear Victoria’s Secret, last December.

Gigi Hadid menunjukkan kemampuannya berolahraga tinju dalam acara Reebok bertajuk ‘Perfect Never’ di Clarkson Square New York City, AS (7/12). Perempuan 21 tahun ini juga pernah menjadi kapten voli saat masih SMA. (AFP Photo/Jason Kempin)

Dental accidentally sticking message (sticky note) in the kitchen to do squat . So when he passed the kitchen will perform movements that train the muscles of the buttocks.

“Recently, for the sake of (fashion show) Victoria’s Secret, I stuck a note in the kitchen. So, each time to the kitchen and reading it I had to do squat 15 times,” said Gigi quote Cosmopolitan Thursday (15/13/2016).

According to Kendall Jenner’s friends, with the trick stick a message in the kitchen so help him exercise discipline. Yes, because in shaping the body, including the buttocks sexy, takes commitment routine practice.

“Practicing this movement is painful but I have to continue to perform these movements repeatedly in order to form a beautiful body,” he explained again.

Model AS, Gigi Hadid berbalut lingerie dengan sayap hitam berbulu di punggungnya berjalan di atas catwalk Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 di Grand Palais, Paris, Selasa (30/11). (AFP PHOTO/Martin BUREAU)

hard work practicing squat for the sake of sexy butt paid off. At the time of the fashion show Victoria’s Secret underwear yesterday, Gigi look stunning. Victoria’s Secret lingerie look more sexy on the body that are not less sexy.

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