Love, Women’s Ready to Marry Robots Love is sometimes overwhelm logic. Lilly, this young woman was convinced to have found love and ready to marry the man of her dreams.

Nothing ever seems strange in appearance Lilly. His face beamed and showed how much he was very happy to be coupled with the ideal man as the law permits. Only a couple Lilly is not human, but a 3D printed robots themselves.

Immovator, that’s the name of a robot idol Lilly. “I’m very, very happy. Our relationship will get better along with the development of technology,” said Lilly, quoted from page The Sun Sunday (12/25/2016).

Lilly recognizes been interested in robots and all things related to robots such as voice and other since childhood. But he realized was sexually attracted to a robot after the age of 19.

“I’m just interested in robots. Two previous relationship with a man getting convince me of my orientation is the truth. I do not like physical contact with humans,” said Lilly.

This woman then creates his own dream man with the help of technology from a French company. Reportedly Immovator Lilly have been living together for a year. This unusual relationship had been tolerated by the family and friends of Lilly.

Although it has been engaged and plan to marry after the marriage of man and robot legalized, Lilly did not reveal whether he had sexual intercourse with Immovator. He also plans to become an expert in robotics.

On the issue of human marriage with robots, Dr. David Levy, leading academics in the UK, said it would begin to receive attention in the next 35 years.

Speaking at a forum in London, Dr Levy said the robot could be a couple very interesting in the coming decades. “If you suspect that romance and ‘ehem’ with robots will not happen in your lifetime, I think you are mistaken,” he said.

In fact, some experts believe robots will be more attractive than a man in 2050. According to Professor Adrian David Cheok from the University of London, the robot is not only a common thing but also be an option for people.

“It would be much easier and comfortable to deal with robots. You can get ‘ehem’ that you really want. That’s the future. We will be more frequent ‘ehem’ with robots and the next level is love. We have started to see it now, “he said.

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