Masturbation Little Affect Testosterone Levels Men masturbation men do little to influence the increase in testosterone levels. The results of the study in 2003 to measure the level of testosterone for 16 days. Male hormone testosterone is only slightly increased.

Another study found that men who masturbate while watching erotic movies, tend to experience a decrease in testosterone levels.

Generally, masturbation does not have a negative effect on the increase in hormones. Testosterone levels are influenced by age and physical activity than men are.

Masturbation is helpful to increase sexual arousal and orgasm during intercourse with a partner.

As quoted Medical Daily Saturday (12/17/2016), masturbation makes a person feel more free.

On the other hand, likened masturbation similar to a sleep cycle. When bedtime that will either satisfy and make the body healthy.

When you have ‘ehem’ with a partner, masturbation into a sexual activity. The men who masturbate before ‘ehem’ is considered to have more sexual fantasies.

This will bring them more intimate couples in love. On the other hand, masturbation can restore sperm quality became better.

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