Men and Homelessness More Vulnerable Kena Rash Groin Seeing his form groin rash may look disgusting , In fact, this condition can turn into an infection called Tinea cruris .

crotch rash caused by dermatophyte fungi able to multiply rapidly in warm and humid areas. Rash that looks like a burn, scaly, and itchy is most common in adolescents and adult men. Also happens to homeless people – men and women.

Tuna homestead often skip washing your hands with soap and wiping the inner thighs and armpits regularly, so they are more likely to experience this skin problem.

Most cases of skin rashes can be treated yourself, as quoted by page HealthLine on Wednesday (21/12/2016) The following is how to cope with skin rashes in the groin.

1. Apply antifungal cream on a regular basis in the area of ​​the rash.
2. Choose a cream antigatal to counteract itching in the groin area.
3. Wash the rash with soap and warm water.
4. Be sure to dry the groin area that rashes after bathing and exercise.
5. Wear loose pants and cotton when natural crotch rash.

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