Men, It’s 5 Secret ‘ehem’ Common Think Your Wife Several recent studies collected dozens expert opinion sought, and more than hundreds of surveys of women conducted to discover the secrets of ‘ehem’ ( ‘ehem’ ) female. ‘ehem’ is a rule that can help men get ‘ehem’ hotter than you can imagine.

Check out his review, as reported by Menshealth Friday (23/12/2016):

1. Focus

Psychologist and author of Secrets of Better ‘ehem’, Joel Block, Ph. D said, all women want ‘ehem’ relationships are not disturbed. He needs the presence of her husband to carry on a conversation because it was the strongest signal itself to be a concern.

2. Foreplay is important to

sexuality counselor Beverly Whipple, Ph. D., R. N., say, foreplay is not just a sweet seduction husband leveled at you but do fun activities are also included.

The wives would agree that they experienced orgasm occurs precisely during foreplay not a sexual relationship.

3. Pleasure is not the satisfaction of

wife is lazy invited to make love? perhaps because you are too busy to find satisfaction not pleasure.

In a Kinsey Institute study, both women and men agreed that ‘ehem’ without condoms feels better. But the woman said, using the protection actually helps them achieve pleasure.

4. Needless to extreme ‘ehem’ positions

“No need to be extreme during ‘ehem’. The position is best when couples focus on the clitoris,” says Levkoff.

Some of the recommendations ‘ehem’ positions that just Missionary, women on top, and Doggy-Style . The rest, says the author of Secrets of a Supersexpert, Tracey Cox, the only variation.

5. Do not say “Thank You”

Only half of all women can reach orgasm when ‘ehem’ lasts 10 minutes or less, according to a 2009 study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine . “That means during a quickie, a woman may not reach orgasm,” says Levkoff.

If she does not orgasm, make sure you do not say “Thank You” because it could be he wanted nge- ‘ehem’ again.

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