Milka Inkiriwang, the Beautiful Doctor Serving in the National Resilience Institute

“Patients aged 12 years was experiencing an immunological disease, the circumstances he so ngedrop for her lack of love ya spirit. women who have been critical. Unfortunately, the child’s parents could not raise the spirit of his life to making the child increasingly deteriorate.

According Milka, psychological terminally ill patients it is very easily shaken. Kin should always be encouraged and must not show his grief in front of patients, especially pediatric patients.

Every morning Milka tasked to visit hospitalized patients, including children. He never forgets activities started with a prayer. Not to forget also he prayed for the girl.

“Doctor companion I watch baseball again at that time the children’s ward, I alone take care of him. But the doctor says, ‘Milka cautious yes this kid tensinya already ngedrop he more like baseball libido as well, “Milka recounted.

When it Milka could only pray, ask wholeheartedly to God to give you health and a longer life for the child.

“I pray to God not to take this child, if I could give her a hand enlightenment or life again I will give you,” said the woman who is interested in Japanese culture, especially about this Geisha.

For one week Milka trying to provide care and monitoring specific to the child. This beautiful woman did not hesitate to invite the child patient communication, storytelling, encouraging, feeding food, to give small gifts.

“Necklace name-tag I used the` Princess` so right from my mama. Incidentally I also like the smell of princess-princess so and at one time this kid says he pointing rope me. I just said, ‘Do you want? If you want, I will first heal you, I love all the others are also provided you healed first, ‘ “said Milka to the child.

Caring for a child it makes it difficult Milka bed and kept thinking about the poor child patients. Especially when, in the afternoon when the child’s condition is said to be critical back. Milka unceasing prayer. Until in the end God answers prayer Milka.

“It’s a miracle anyway … Afternoons boy was arguably critical but four in the morning I rolling want tension, nah to him first. I’m surprised pas see she’s already a shower, again combing use lipgloss but already smile, already healthy really , Until now, the incident baseball I never forget it, and he who ngebuat I until now continue to be a doctor, “he said, smiling.

dr Milka Inkiriwang ( Renato)

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