Millennial Generation who Rajin Sports Vulnerable Pain? Nowadays more and more young people of the millennial generation involved in activities or sports activities. Because exercise becomes a trend that is not only healthy but also symbolizes the present.

There was no denying that it is rated very good because can simultaneously decrease the number of drug users and young people make the millennial generation is more concerned about his health.

However, positive things like exercise was also not spared from the shortage that could endanger the health of those who diligently do.

Launch Chicago Tribune, Saturday (24/12 / 2016), the millennial generation who exercise very vulnerable to the potential of experiencing back pain and pain in the hips. How can? high enough.

“There is no harm in exercising for the sake of a healthy body, but when the body is given excess pressure, especially in the muscle tissue and joints, then there is a risk that must be borne,” said Wu, the owner of a physical therapy ActiveCare.

So, do not be surprised if a lot of those groups millennial who is active in sports, complained of pain in the joints in the sections pingang and hips.

As has been described in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy , high-intensity activities such as weight lifting exercises then aerobic exercise, often causing a hip injury while increasing the risk of a person suffering from osteoarthritis.

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