Minister Introduces One Day One Care Movement in South Sulawesi Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa said, motion one Day one or Day Care Share Singles one is a movement of social solidarity, one person helps one other person in need.

“We were more fortunate help children less fortunate. By providing an example of this kind, a mother has taught children about the importance of sharing with others,” said the Minister at the launch of Mothers movement Beloved (GESIT), as well as commemorate the Day mother with the Organization of Women in the South Sulawesi Manunggal Building, Makati City, Saturday (24/12/2016).

In the presence of leaders of various women’s organizations, the Minister called for encouraging its members to spread the movement One Day One Care, starting from simple things in their respective families.

“Teach our children the importance of giving and sharing. Therefore, this is an important provision for their future. A lot of positive values ​​contained therein, such as mutual cooperation, tolerance and brotherhood,” he said.

In a meeting with more than a thousand women’s organization committee, the Minister invited to improve the supervision of their child. Challenges parents where children are not easily controlled by whom and by what means associating undergo daily activities.

“Today, not imagine how our children were well received heavy exposure of the media in their association,” said the minister who is also Chairman of the PP NU’s it.

Presence devices, media communication and information and the contents of the display is very useful on the one hand and on the other device is very worrying. With the device, they can access anything, including impressions were very bad and dangerous.

“To that end, the mothers so endlessly to share and work together in an effort to build the children as the hope of the country,” said the Minister in a press release received Sunday (25 / 12/2016).

Puncuran GESIT filled event Warisman dialogue with Neno. Also, the event also enlivened by the singing of the song Mother’s Minister Iwan Fals work.

GESIT is a movement to give care and love to the mother. The existence of the mother is better and more dignified socially in Indonesia and the family system so that the child does not forget her glorious merits.

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