Mother’s Day 2016: Save the Baby’s Mother’s intuition of Cancer

Because RMS at Penelope immediately detected, the recovery rate is still high. On account of its small, doctors do not recommend Penelope who were aged 4 months to irradiated.

“Because the tumor is very large Penelope, needed major surgery. However, specialists prefer to reduce its size through chemotherapy,” said Emily.

Bayi Penelope (Sumber: Thesinglemomdiary)

For the treatment and care during and after chemotherapy Penelope costly. But Emily wanted to make sure her daughter was getting the best treatment.

“So far, we’ve been through a tough journey, and there is still a long road ahead of us,” added Emily. “I was determined to give my daughter the best chance to live as I want him to have the same experience with other babies his age.”

For a single mother like Emily, all is certainly not easy. Fortunately for her, a friend made GoFundMe account, to help raise money for the care of Penelope.

“P (Penelope) is the best thing that ever happened to me, he was a light in my life. AKu will lose direction if lose,” wrote Emily in his GoFundMe page. So far, Emily and Penelope has accumulated a grant of 4500 pounds.

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