Mother’s Day 2016: There Must Present Challenges Faced by Mrs. Each December 22, we celebrate Mother’s Day. Various utterance of emotion and affection to mother crowded disclosed. Behind gratitude for the affection to the mother, the struggle of a mother is not easy.

There are challenges to be faced by a mother, particularly the women who were pregnant or are breastfeeding. According to Child Psychologist Anna Surti Ariani, over the times now, mothers facing challenges that have to be prepared mentally.

These challenges may be present with yourself, your partner, and the surrounding environment.

“From yourself, your body should be prepared so that stress during child care. Factors couples come to influence mental mother, did your husband really supports come take care of the child. From the surrounding environment, eg in your office. Whether in the office you are allowed to breastfeed when you bring a child or allowed to express the milk (breast milk), “said child psychologist who is familiarly called Nina.

Found at Hotel Royal Brass in “Lactamil Invite Family Celebrates Mama Every Day” on Wednesday (21/12/2016), Nina revealed, all the above challenges should be enjoyed. Avoid feeling difficulties affecting the liver.

“When you are pregnant and gave birth means that you must be ready to be a mother. Complaints of excessive, such as fatigue and stress sign that you have not received a position yourself as a mother,” he said.

Lock enjoy being a mother expressed Brand Ambassador Lactamil Nadia Mulya. On the sidelines of the solid shooting and the service was out of town, he had to split time with her three children, who are still small.

“I enjoy so a mother. I think, nothing is impossible. Although I’ve miscarried once, the pregnancy until the third child was never sick. In essence, positive thinking and mensugesti myself, I am able to do my best for my children, ranging from normal childbirth and while breastfeeding smoothly, “he concluded.

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