Mother’s Day: Look Tricks So Mother Recency Along with the development of technology and social networking, the mothers faced with the contemporary era inevitably have to adapt. In commemoration of Mother’s Day which falls every December 22, the young mothers can move into a mother trending and open to receive information from the outside.

From the psychological side, the way you become a mother in the contemporary era to gain knowledge, such as knowledge about pregnancy and breastfeeding and how to care for the child.

“This is different from the Mama-mama ancient minimal pemgetahuan about breastfeeding. Perhaps the benefits of breastfeeding alone does not know. Then the knowledge of how to express the milk (breast milk) is correct. If Mama-mama ancient times it is less know how memerahnya, “said Children and Family Psychologist Anna Surti Ariani.

Nina, her nickname added knowledge gained mothers in the contemporary era can provide mental and physical preparation to face the pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child care.

They already know, while pregnant will memgalami any challenge, preparing to breastfeed for six months. After six months of breastfeeding will remain supported by the solids.

Sharing information on medsos

In a conversation session with after the event “Invite Family Celebrates Lactamil Mama Every Day” at the Hotel Royal Kuningan Jakarta on Wednesday (21/12/2016), Nina also observed, mom mum now like to surf in cyberspace.

When they read information about baby clothes, she will share information on social media.

“Yes, Mama-mama used to be not that type. Other equally Mama now very friendly for sharing info. For me it’s cool,” said Nina.

Nina menjelaskan cara menjadi ibu di era kekinian (Foto: Haryanti Harsono)

Likes “compete”

Have you noticed the young mothers conversations in social media? Not only share information about babies, clothing, and how to care for the child alone, but one interesting chat implies “competition.”

“For example, mothers were able to breastfeed the child. Sentence them like, ‘I managed to pump breast milk bottle so you know.’ Although impressed not always pleasant to read anyway, “he said.

In addition, a more popular way to hold Mommy’s Challenge . The mothers recorded how he was nursing a child up to six months and solids sidelines hectic work schedules mother.

“That is, the Mama-mama shown also able to set the time taking care of the child and provide the milk cow,” said Anna, who also celebrate Mother’s Day.

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