Mother’s Day: sontek How to Become a Mother Tough In commemoration of Mother’s Day each December 22 December, we will be redirected to remember how the struggle of mothers who have been pregnant and given birth. When you are now in the same position as your mother, especially for young mothers. You also expecting a child born later get outpouring of affection.

For that, you have to prepare as well as possible before pregnancy arrived. Doctors Febriansyah Darus, an obstetrics and gynecology experts say, will change the physical form of the mother during pregnancy is natural.

“Pregnancy is a natural process of the mother to prepare for the coming generations. We must emphasize pregnant is not a condition of pain. Not all complaints are pregnant can be removed with drugs. Weight certainly rise so fair but must be maintained. Changes mood nausea, and vomiting are also reasonable, “said Doctor Febriansyah.

nutritional intake during pregnancy should be enough and diligent exercise. The entire exercise for pregnant women to do as long as it does not put pressure on the foot, such as push-ups . You can do yoga and pregnancy exercise.

Support those closest

Prepare to become a mother should also be supported by those nearby, like her husband and family. If there is no support from the people nearby, the mother will have difficulty taking care of the child.

When a child is born and you are attacked stress of the job office, without realizing you can just ignore the little guy. This was revealed by the Child and Family Psychologist Anna Surti Ariani.

“You can easily get angry. Here the husband should also be able to cooperate with you. Husband took turns keeping the child. If the husband were staying away, there is a close family that helps you. If it was a family away means you can rely on close friends , “he said.

psychologist who is familiarly called Nina added, if your family are away, you can ask for the help of neighbors. For example, ask your child keep a moment.

This was the explanation given by Dr Febriansyah show “Lactamil Invite Family Celebrates Mama Every Day” to celebrate Mother’s Day on Wednesday (12/22/2016)

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