Natural Reasons Why Men Love Women Breast Breasts are certainly part of every man ogled at the sight women and it is very prevalent. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can not be completely solved by scientists. They never found a satisfactory explanation. Nevertheless, a professor of psychiatry at Emory University managed to study this phenomenon.

Neuroscientist named Larry Young study the neurological basis of the person’s behavior. He found that when male infants breastfed by his mother, they would establish inner contact or close bond. It can be said phase of breastfeeding is something that strengthens the bond between couples, so that men have breasts like since they were small.

Recent studies also indicate that nipple stimulation can increase female sexual arousal. This also reinforces why men like a woman’s breast.

However, these findings are addressed by an anthropologist at Rutgers University, Fran Mascia-Lees. He said that a man’s interest on the breast are not covered in terms of culture. Evolutionary biologists have cited the African culture, the population of women did not wear clothes or materials that cover their breasts.

While men in the country, said Mascia-Lees, did not find interest in a woman’s breast.

“Even so, that does not mean men in Africa will not stimulate breast in session foreplay them,” said Mascia-Lees cited Sciencedump Sunday (12/25/2016) .

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