Noble action Tiska Stay Patient Ambulatory Patients Chronically Mentally Ill

Assure families of people with mental disorders

When the record ODGJ, not everything is smooth. There are also some families were shut down. They worry that the treatment given to make family members more ‘crazy’.

“We’ve given the actual extension but is still there or not,” said the woman’s birth May 7, 1988.

Tiska not despair, he still struggled give socialization importance of treatment to members of people with mental disorders from the family refused. When the longer untreated, the condition may get worse.

“Until there are five times that we visit give socialization. I also assisted the village head, village officials, as well as the surrounding community in asking families who refuse want their family members receive treatment,” he said.

Now, in 2016 recorded 15 people with mental disorders who received treatment.

Invite a person with a mental disorder socialize

Once people with mental disorders in the region of Puskesmas Botumoito recorded, Tiska regularly visit them. At least once every two weeks Tiska visit to their homes to control their condition.

Some also there that received injections once a month. Then, there is also a drug therapy.

In 2015, Tiska thought to invite people with mental disorders is socializing. You do this by once a month they gather together in group dynamics programs are conducted in health centers.

“They do not just stay at home alone or just with the family. But it can socialize with other mental disorders as well as other family,” said Tiska.

With this program, Tiska wish, they can open up and confidence.

“Interacting with other people the right to increase one’s confidence,” he said.

Apparently, the people whose condition impaired his soul was happy with this program. In fact, if the program is dilasanakan every 9th falls on a Sunday, have brought forward or pushed back in order to stay there.

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