One-legged footballer Nico Calabria So ‘Fitspiration’ World, Massachusetts- There is no reason whatever capable of discouraging or making efforts to achieve the ideals of one’s stunted if the intentions and strong ambition. This is evidenced by an American footballer whose age was 19 years, Nico Calabria.

Unlike footballers more rely on both feet when the activity of the sport, Nico could only rely on his left leg just because of being born with only one leg.

Limitations of physical indeed be an obstacle, especially for a fan type activities that are often rely on the activity of both legs to do it.

Nevertheless, Nico never give up and keep trying to run his hobby of playing the ball and also not embarrassed to do things or activities other sport though often ostracized.

Nico is known to be actively playing ball at school Concord-Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA, and had become part of the core team sport of football in high school.

“I do not want my physical limitations become a barrier to achieve my goals,” he said, citing Men’s Fitness Friday (16/12/2016).

He was selected to go to school because of the proven core team was great and astute in playing the ball. Even Nico had become a major phenomenon in the virtual world because of its success scored by relying on his left leg.

His prowess that the article be recorded and uploaded to the internet. More than two million people watched the amazing phenomenon. Hundreds of comments people are amazed to be prowess can be seen at the bottom of the video that has been uploaded to the internet.

In addition to its ability to play ball, Nico also make many people amazed at his success to climb and get to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro use only leg he had.

At the time when he was still 13 years old and the climb he did for the sake of raising funds for charitable purposes and humanitarian missions.

Extraordinary is not it? Nico with physical limitations are even more vigor and managed to raise more than US $ 100 thousand or almost 1.4 M for the charity, while many others whose lives are not as heavy as he was reluctant to do the humane thing seems.

” it’s important for us all to focus on the things we already have, not on things that we have got. My leg is only one, but the important thing I still had legs, right ? Thankful for anything, in spite of the large or small scale, “he concluded.

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