Pee Many times in the Night, it normal? Waking up at night to urinate is a common thing, but when it happens many times you should be aware.

People who have small bladder will often alternating bathroom untu pee. Because they could not get the urine that much, so the interval Voiding smaller.

However, to watch is the irritation of the bladder that cause you to urinate more often. It’s also prone to occur in women in old age and in people who have back problems or those who have weak nerves in the bladder.

Research has proved that drugs can also cause your frequent urination. Particularly drugs for treating kidney and depression. But please note, this condition will be normal when it occurs in pregnant women.

Every movement of the body of pregnant women will affect the quantity of fluid in the body. The more movement, the fluid will increase. Bahka increase of nearly 50 percent when compared to the period before pregnancy.

This causes a lot of extra fluid through the kidneys and winding in the bladder that makes you want to urinate again and again. Quoted from Boldsky Thursday (22/12/2016).

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