Premature Twins, Christmas Gift Beautiful to Kim and Simon Dylan, a boy who was born prematurely, is the most beautiful Christmas gift I ever received a couple Kim Vaughan (37) and Simon Gilbert (36). After Dylan namely Raiden twin died shortly after birth into the world.

Two years ago, for example during pregnancy, Kim told by the doctor that she would give birth to a boy non-identical twins prematurely. When that day comes, Kim just resigned and gave them to the doctor.

Kim then gave birth to Raiden that it can not breathe. Attempts to resuscitate failed Raiden and the doctor said that the boy had died a few hours after leaving the womb Kim.

Then, the doctor who was prepared to await the presence of Dylan must stop the delivery process because of the pain that occurs in Kim stopped. With conditions like that, the doctor may not force Kim to push Dylan out of the womb.

doctor immediately move Kim to Dunstable Hospital in Luton area. Doter commonly handle premature babies were ready to wait for Kim. Doctors at the hospital predicted that Kim would give birth to roughly one to two hours. However, until the time comes, Kim did not feel heartburn at all. Childbirth was not so do.

“I continue to be monitored. Entering the age of 28 weeks, Dylan is in the womb continues to grow. However, I should immediately go to the hospital after the rupture of membranes. This time, Dylan beneran born and he immediately put in an incubator,” said Kim quoted from the Daily Mail, Friday (23/12/2016)

Dylan Telah Menjadi Kado Natal Terindah. satu-satunya Bayi yang Lahir Dari Rahimnya yang Sampai Sekarang Masih Sehat Adalah Dylan

Dylan was born in a state that is not perfect. The boy was bleeding in the brain, chronic lung disease, and heart valves are damaged, but doctors managed to make him breathe.

Dylan condition is still considered critical. Dylan had to fight to survive. Neither Kim nor Simon could only hold her hands, changing diapers, and whispered as a form of interaction with Dylan.

“She’s so small. He’s an amazing figure. On the other hand, I feel like not getting normal experience being a mother,” Kim added.

Having been in the incubator for one month, Dylan had to be transferred to a hospital that was not far from their homes. Kim and Simon so that the boy could visit anytime. It happened right on Christmas Day.

Therefore, Kim considers all the wonders accepted into countless Christmas gift price.

Dylan continues to grow. His weight is slowly naturally increase. Dylan also not experience eating disorders. With all the events that happened to him, making Kim devote themselves to volunteer at a special nursing babies preamtur to help expectant mothers understand what will happen in the early days of birth.

Kim and her husband will never forget this wonderful Christmas gift.

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