Presence Robot ‘ehem’ Can Press the number of prostitutes, London- ‘ehem’ toy company continues to develop a robot for ‘ehem’ to as closely as possible with humans. The presence of ‘ehem’ robot like this would reap the pros and cons.

The counter said there were fears the ‘ehem’ robot makes a person become addicted. While pro believes the presence of ‘ehem’ robot industry will change the world of ‘ehem’. ‘ehem’ robot could replace commercial ‘ehem’ workers (PSK) that helps suppress slavery in women.

One of the pros is a business lecturer NUI Galway, Ireland, John Danaher. He believes the presence of ‘ehem’ robot could replace PSK well as quoting Daily Mail, Thursday (22/12/2016).

“Robot ‘ehem’ can satisfy the desire for sexual variety. There are no by fear of ‘ehem’ that does not work,” said Donaher.

Robot 'ehem' (Foto: Daily Star)

With the advent of robot ‘ehem’, Donaher said, can make sexual needs are met without the need for PSK. The problem of sexually transmitted diseases can be suppressed by the presence of the ‘ehem’ robot.

“But when the ‘ehem’ robot used alternated risk of sexually transmitted diseases remains the same,” said Donaher.

Up to now, perusahana ‘ehem’ robot continues to develop its products. If so, the price of ‘ehem’ robot is predicted to reach 100 million.

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