Psychological Explanation Why Paws Up Dora Police Natalia

In addition, Veronica also regret very much, because upon seeing the viral video, supposedly as a citizen well, when pulled over for making mistakes, he admitted that the behavior that he did was wrong.

“If we see from the video, did he break the rules yeah. So first must be upheld is that all members of society must obey the rules. This is not to sacrifice, but for the sake of the people and responsibilities as citizens, “said Veronica.

And the second thing that is a problem and need to be enforced, he said, are manners in behavior, especially in public places, where everyone will see all the attributes that are used and the person’s behavior, which may reflect how his personality.

“Moreover, it is bia impact on loved ones nearby, whether it may be a family member or someone known in the vicinity. In addition, she is a mother yes. Now a mother’s need to set good examples in children, families, and on others, “he said.

He also added, “so whatever the reason (angry, annoyed, tired, and so on), it is not justified that then he (Dora Natalia) behave that way.”

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