Put Car in Parking Special Persons with Disabilities, Margaret Kena Fines

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Margaret Gallagher stunned to see paper contains should he pay fines attached to the windshield. Garanya woman who suffered a broken leg parked in a special disabled parking.

Margareth is not able to pay the bills. He just did not accept to be treated like that. He had already informed about the condition itself into a parking lot, and they advised. In fact, medical records attached Margareth illness in the windshield so that the believers.

Women from Derbyshire, Europe, the daily driving of Volvo, choose special disabled parking because he needed space rather wide.

Both legs had just suffered an injury can not be bent more than 60 degrees, and Margaret must use penompang, so it was not possible when he parked his car in the parking lot not specifically disabled.

“I am obviously upset treated as such. There is nothing else I can do. I have to use special parking disabled, and I also had to leave remarks on the windshield,” says Margareth quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (15/12 / 2016)

new Margareth got permission driving a car after doctors concluded that his condition has improved. He just asked to be more careful, and condition the car well so that both feet are still in the recovery phase is not getting worse.

According to section employs parking attendants, who gave fines to Margareth, say, maybe a parking attendant who did not know about the condition of Margareth. Parking attendant had done their job properly, because it is considered the owner of the car is in good health and not worth a special park the car in the parking lot of people with disabilities.

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