Reach Orgasm with 8 Simple ‘ehem’ Positions It, South Florida, United States Tired after a day of work but sexual desire wants ‘ehem’ with a partner. For women to have intercourse with ‘ehem’ positions that simple. Although ‘ehem’ positions that you do not ‘wild’ but able to make you orgasm well.

‘ehem’ therapist Center for Marital and Sexual Health in South Florida, USA, Rachel Needle said, there is nothing wrong with ‘ehem’ positions that simple when you had sexual intercourse with a partner.

“simple ‘ehem’ position allows you to relax and enjoy what’s happening without too much out of energy,” Rachel said, as quoted by Glamour Saturday (17/12/2016).

The position of the snake

your pretty face pressed face down with a pillow. Your partner will open crotch from above.

The position of the bend-over (bend-over)

Bend your body to the side of the bed or the sofa to help sustain themselves. Let your arms relax and dangle. Your partner can penetrate deeper and more passionate mind.

sitting position

Your partner crossed her legs then you can sit on it. Wrap the legs to the body of the couple. You can make small, slow movements to get stimulation to the clitoris.

Missionaries wrap-up

To do this ‘ehem’ position, you lie and your partner lying down on his chest. Wrap your legs around his hips couples. Put your arms around the neck of the couple. Let the He did clitoral stimulation and touch you gently.

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