Reasons Chocolate Santa Claus Made in Germany Withdrawn From Circulation Supermarket Co-operative Food is in some region in the UK has recently attracted thousands of icons shaped chocolate Christmas, Santa Claus made in Germany on the market.

As reported at the site, Saturday (24/12/2016), the withdrawal was triggered by the presence of two separate reports about the presence of objects in the form of a battery in the chocolate.

Unfortunately, a chocolate Santa Claus for one pound sterling or equal to US $ 16 495 has been sold a lot to the latest reports reaching 165,000 chocolate.

Supermarket Co-operative Food as a party to distribute feel responsible, even though not fully, would the incident and directed formally to the consumer who has bought it for not taking them.

They are alert to the possibility of other parties are also found in chocolate Santa Claus battery that could be harmful if eaten.

The police together with the Food Standards Agency national scale rushed to withdraw some time after the report disclosed by two customers at two separate locations.

The head of the company liaison supermarket said that it found no indikasi- previous suspicious indications and therefore deeply regrets this incident.

“the health and safety of our customers is our top priority,” Public Relations Co-operative Food asserted.

He continued, “customers who have already bought it expected not to eat them and to contact us for refund as compensation.”

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